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why cantr we have full wrench sets?



  • Jhina V

    Hello Scott Muffoletto

    We apologize for the lack of information you can check model numbers CMMT87017 or CMMT87325V, which are sets of metric wrenches. 

    Jhina V.

  • Scott Muffoletto

    yes those sets have missing wrenches. 1 set has 12 pieces,  starts at 7mm and goes to 19mm but leaves out 9mm. the 11piece set starts at 8mm skips 9mm and goes to 19mm.

    I am asking for a full set  6mm all the way up to 23mm or farther. no skipping of sizes just a complete full set option. best would be let me choose what i need and customize a set for my self. your company does this over lap and piece meal mish mosh that leaves a consumer frustrated.  Its even worse with your sockets. Do sockets have a metric/exclusive/complete full set. so i can just go buy it all once, simply and quickly.  NO YOU DO NOT!


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