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craftsman 20v max string trimmer cmcst900d1



  • Edward Belzer

    i had the same problem with the replacement not fitting.   When I purchased the trimmer,  the retailers website suggested to buy a 3-pack or replacment spools.   turns out the suggested part number was wrong.  

    I matched up the part number on the spool that came with it,   and it was not a match to the retailers recommendation.  went back to the store and they gave me the proper replacement. 


  • Marcia M. Close

    Thanks so much for your feedback!   Yes...that was exactly my problem too I found out!  The sales associate at the store actually gave me the 3-pack when I showed him which trimmer I had; and he said it would work....but he was wrong...!   The replacement spools looked so similar I guess it's easy to make that mistake but really wish he would have double checked the part numbers cuz would have saved me a whole lot of aggravation and even more time!!  The spools were just a smidge difference in size which made all the difference so I finally realized it wasn't me---it was the wrong part!  I looked up the part # in my trusty manual and found correct spools (myself) on the store's online website.  Now it works just like it's supposed to.   Sometimes you're better off figuring things out yourself!   lol   Thanks so much again.    

  • Matt Vierra

    Nobody ever understood how to write on Manual where we feel like we understood the instructions but too the contrary your more confused


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