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The Run Around




  • Kevin Whitmore

    By the way, I'm paying $100/week to get my yard cut while being subjected to this treatment.

  • Jhina

    Hello Kevin Whitmore

    Thank you for contacting us! We've opened up a ticket with our customer service team and will work to resolve your issue. 
  • Kevin Whitmore

       During my phone call to the store manager at Lowe's on 09/17/2021 he stated that my mower did arrive at the repair facility in Pittsburg. He also stated that the part(s) were on backorder but did not know what they were. He said the good news was that it had to be less than $300 or they would have had to call me by law. I was told I'd get a call Monday 09/20/21 to let me know if it made it on the truck, and if it did I'd get my mower the following day (I'm thinking to myself "what about the part(s) being on back order" but bite my tongue. I get no call on the 20th, and call the store at noon on the following day. I was told the manager was on vacation and got an assistant manager instead. I was told they would look into it and return my call later that day, without fail. Guess what??? Yep, you got it, no call. So today (09/22/2021) I get a call from Lowe's warranty service stating that the repair facility has looked at my mower and the initial cost for repair is $329.00 and I need to authorize the repair. At that point, with it running they can assess any further needed repairs and still no idea of when I might get my mower back. All of this is at my cost and I will then have to go back to "battle" to get reimbursed through the Craftsman warranty. I didn't have much choice here because of the initial runaround here and the fact that I'm at nearly two months of paying $100/week to have my yard mowed, with no end in sight. I'd like to point out that my income as a disabled Veteran is limited and have shelled out $580 so far (not counting any repairs) and its looking like several more hundred minimum before I get a brand new mower back (30 hours on it). All I did was trust the Craftsman and Lowe's name. The mower is registered, all calls documented, case number has been generated so there is no question as to my having done everything right. Upon reading the initial post here, I was contacted by some branch of Craftsman and they said that they would forward it to the gas powered motor division. That was 3 days ago and still no word. Is this how you treat your customers (and Disabled American Veteran Men and Women)?

  • Kevin Whitmore

    P.S. Who knows what parts were on back order, when they had to call my 5 days later for me to authorize ordering the parts 😅


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