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Please just make everything you offer brushless...




  • Jhina V

    Hello Kyle Tomlin

    We would like to thank you for your insight. We welcome all feedback from our customers to continually improve not only our products but also our relationship with our customers. I will forward your comments to the appropriate manager.

  • Jarrad Burton

    I would agree to a certain extent. Clearly the brushless line is superior and ive upgraded ALL of my V20 tools to brushless for everything offered except my circular saw. However, it was the low price of the brushed that got me into this tool line when i noticed that for only $10 more than the walmart brand Drill/Impact combo i could have the Craftsman set instead. That was my 1st set of Craftsman power tools from the new line and i STILL have them to this day (theyre my girlfriends set now). Also, if you get at LEAST a 4 ah battery for the brushed tools then they will perfrom MUCH better than the normally included 1.5 or 2.0 AH thats usually included.

  • Kyle Tomlin

    Of course the brushless is superior, and that is all I try to buy (sadly some tools aren't offered brushless). The thing I see is a lot of people buying some of the cheaper brushed tools and complaining about the lack of performance without understanding why. And it becomes a large detractor for them and others who read their reviews for the entire craftsman line and brand. I have been happy with ALMOST every new craftsman v20 line tool that I have purchased. The ones I havn't been happy about have been brushed - Like the v20 framing nailer - I actually returned it - even with a larger battery it struggled repeatedly to drive nails all the way into basic 2x4s for wall framing. But the 18ga nailer - works GREAT. So again its hit or miss.

  • Kchapman3350

    im so tired of getting power tools that dont last i want a refund or at leat make lowes exchange


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