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Why does battery charger (CMCB104) have V12|V20?



  • Butch Garber

    The charger you have will provide a charge to the "cells" that are connected in series.  Both the 12V and the 20V LION battery packs have 4 cells.  The 20V has (4) cells rated at 5A, and the 12V has (4) cells rated at 3A.  Therefore, your charger will charge either 12V battery packs, or 20V battery packs. Butch 

  • Bryan Shelton

    Thanks for the information!

    The only Craftsman 12V batteries I have seen are a completely different pin configuration.  The Black+Decker 12V MAX configuration looks like it could possibly lineup.   

    Has there been a Craftsman 12V battery that is compatible with this charger? 

    What other tools are designed to work with this charger that are 12V?


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