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Where can I find a service center to repair my tools?



  • Norman Mcleod

    Where can I get my craftsman scrolling jig saw repaired. I live in Canada. I. bought this model # 320.23501 from Sears when the Canadian Stores closed about 5 years ago. I recently took it out of the box for the 1st time, and found that the blade is not fixed in the straight forward position, when taken out of the scroll mode. I really have to offset the jigsaw alot, in order for the blade to cut straight.

  • William Ritter

    Seems when you call the "support number"  it does nothing to assist you and when you tell it you purchased from Sears, gives you this really long drawn out web address that you can't even begin to keep up with and no one answers to help you then after telling the web address it says "good bye"  Yeah, just what you want to hear after coming here and it says call this number for support with your warranty request.  

  • Mzcrowley70

    Did you both find a way to get in touch with Craftsman? We have a lifetime warranted weed whip with a failed head/bearing and I firstly reached out to the retail store we purchased it from and they denied having any responsibility to replace or find an authorized repair shop after 90 days. So then I used the “contact us” form on this site and shortly there after, was able to reach someone who helped me. Hopefully, you were able to do the same and get a repair or replacement in order.

  • Todd Martin

    It’s been since never November 16 said I would get an email which I did and it will be shipped if that within two weeks

  • Todd Martin

    I would like to know where my tool is that it has lifetime warranty

  • Gary Malone

    where can I find a craftsman repair service for a riding lawn mower in Mount Pleasant Texas


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