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How can I exchange my tools within the life time warranty?



  • Robbin hall

    Lowes’s has told me that unless they have the exact model number in stock, they can not exchange it

  • Bob Farrell

    Lowe's and Ace carry a VERY limited supply of Craftsman tools. It seems that seemingly identical tools on the shelf have a different part number than older models. From a consumer perspective, the ONLY reason to do this is to avoid the previous Lifetime warranty. If THE EXACT part number is not available, they won't replace the item.

  • Dale Kirkland

    I requested a replacement Craftsman tape measure from Sears - they sent me a voucher for $14.56.  Sears doesn't sell Craftsman tape measures, so IMO, this doesn't honor the life time replacement warranty.  Craftsman needs to take on this issue and really support their life time warranty.

  • Jim Washington

    Is Craftsman really this bad?  They might as well go totally bankrupt


  • Andrew Orton

    Lowes would not exchange my 1/4" drive socket wrench saying that they did not carry the exact model number that i had. I'm sure the model i have has been updated and replaced by a newer model of wrench. So even if i go directly to craftsman for replacement, its going to be the newer one that Lowes has on their shelf. Because of this, I think Craftsman should provide the current retailers of their hand tools a way to look up suitable substitutes to older models for warranty purposes.

  • Jim Washington

    Gotta say, one for Craftsman here. Had nothing close to replacing my 1.25" offset wrench, UPS shows up with a full set of closest.they had, nice 7 piece set.

    Happy in Poulsbo

  • Michael B Bauer

    I can"t find exact replacements for most of my Craftsman tools. Nobody will exchange Craftsman tool unless it's an exact match with the same part number!

  • Cadefix

    all my craftsman tools are at least 15 years old.most are none of these new tools are going to have the original sears part#. but i went to my local lowes to exchange a 20+ year old ratchet..manager in the tool section did nothing to help.having me do all the leg work wasting my time. i figured the craftsman warranty as it sits was useless.but i went back to lowes  about 2 weeks later.different manager in the tool section...he took one look at my 1/4 inch ratchet walked me over to the new loose ratchets picked one that looked close and said here take this to the return i dont know where this leaves us?


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