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How can I exchange my tools within the lifetime warranty?



  • Robbin hall

    Lowes’s has told me that unless they have the exact model number in stock, they can not exchange it

  • Bob Farrell

    Lowe's and Ace carry a VERY limited supply of Craftsman tools. It seems that seemingly identical tools on the shelf have a different part number than older models. From a consumer perspective, the ONLY reason to do this is to avoid the previous Lifetime warranty. If THE EXACT part number is not available, they won't replace the item.

  • Dale Kirkland

    I requested a replacement Craftsman tape measure from Sears - they sent me a voucher for $14.56.  Sears doesn't sell Craftsman tape measures, so IMO, this doesn't honor the life time replacement warranty.  Craftsman needs to take on this issue and really support their life time warranty.

  • Jim Washington

    Is Craftsman really this bad?  They might as well go totally bankrupt


  • Andrew Orton

    Lowes would not exchange my 1/4" drive socket wrench saying that they did not carry the exact model number that i had. I'm sure the model i have has been updated and replaced by a newer model of wrench. So even if i go directly to craftsman for replacement, its going to be the newer one that Lowes has on their shelf. Because of this, I think Craftsman should provide the current retailers of their hand tools a way to look up suitable substitutes to older models for warranty purposes.

  • Jim Washington

    Gotta say, one for Craftsman here. Had nothing close to replacing my 1.25" offset wrench, UPS shows up with a full set of closest.they had, nice 7 piece set.

    Happy in Poulsbo

  • Michael B Bauer

    I can"t find exact replacements for most of my Craftsman tools. Nobody will exchange Craftsman tool unless it's an exact match with the same part number!

  • cadefix

    all my craftsman tools are at least 15 years old.most are none of these new tools are going to have the original sears part#. but i went to my local lowes to exchange a 20+ year old ratchet..manager in the tool section did nothing to help.having me do all the leg work wasting my time. i figured the craftsman warranty as it sits was useless.but i went back to lowes  about 2 weeks later.different manager in the tool section...he took one look at my 1/4 inch ratchet walked me over to the new loose ratchets picked one that looked close and said here take this to the return i dont know where this leaves us?

  • Daniel Watts

    I went to Lowes to get a replacement for a 1/2 ratchet that came in a 135 piece set I have only had since Christmas. I was told I would have to bring in the entire set to exchange it. Do I have to keep the plastic carry case forever? If I lose the 10mm am I stuck with the broken ratchet? Please clarify the policy with Lowes.

  • James Osman

    This ridiculous, I’ve tried emailing craftsman but no response. I have a 1/4 ratchet that needs replaced. Lowes tells me I need a RA# Sears closed years ago, but if they was still open getting it replaced would be no problem. What’s a lifetime warranty if you can’t get it replaced? Ugh

  • Kevin McGuire


    We appreciate that you have chosen Sears for your tool needs. Craftsman hand tools come with a lifetime warranty against product defects. If a Craftsman hand tool ever fails due to a defect in the product, simply return the item to the nearest Sears store. Some exclusions do apply which would void or do not apply to the lifetime warranty, which include but is not limited to:

    • The item being altered in any way
    • Lost, stolen or damaged by an act of God (such as fire, flood, etc.)
    • If the item is used for any other reason than its intended purpose, including neglect
    • Rust that does not affect the performance of the item (most rust is strictly cosmetic and does not justify being classified as broken)

    Visit your nearest Sears, Sears Hometown, Sears Hardware or Kmart location for an in-person tool exchange under the Lifetime Warranty. Should you not have a location within 30 miles you may submit a claim by email.

    Note: If a location is found within 30 miles the claim will be denied and you will be directed to the store.

    To file a warranty claim, please provide the following details by email to conduct a proper assessment of your request:

    • Contact Information
      • First Name
      • Last name
      • Address (City, State & Zip)
      • Phone Number
    • Product/Purchase Information
      • Product Name
      • Item/Model Number
      • Salescheck Number (optional)
    • Clear photo of the hand tool
    • Clear photo of the hand tool showing the item number/serial number
    • Copy of photo ID showing name and address
    • Provide the item description and explain the reason for the replacement

    Once you have gathered the necessary information, submit your claim to

    Please be aware the maximum email size we may receive (including the message and all attached files) may not exceed five Megabytes (5MB).

  • Robert McCrary


  • cadefix

    just a little info on my experience trying to replace a broken sears craftsman screwdriver.(and save all of you some aggravation). i sent them all the info that they requested(crazy..i know!)pictures,license,etc.all this for a less than 10 buck screwdriver.they emailed me and said i would receive a $12.00 gift card through another email.long story short never received anything expect a shit load of emails telling me it was sent.believe me it never was.and i dont think they had any intentions of sending anything.the whole thing seemed like a closing im sorry to say were just gonna have to accept the fact sears is way to replace our original craftsman tools.and move on...i know i am.

  • Andrew Orton

    A bit of a follow up for my situation. After sending in the request to Craftsman via email, i had a bit of a back and forth email conversation with customer service. I got them the information they requested through this conversation and they said a tool would be sent out via mail. Finally about 9 weeks later and a couple of unanswered follow-up emails, i received a tool in the mail. I was trying to exchange a 1/4 inch drive socket wrench, what i received was a 3/8 drive socket wrench... Considering something came, i call it a partial success.

  • Sam Mcadams

    I am 55 years old have been a true believer
    In craftman quality and never had a problem replacing the tools that broke which was seldom... i have the same hard luck stary as everyone else as far as tring to get replacement from lowes . I bought a large tool set and the 3/8 drive was junk from day one wrenches have broke like cheap metal and you cant get them replaced. Im done with craftman i think they need to change the name to shit tools always on sell. Ive bought at least 15 sets in my lifetime because i own a company and tools get lost well i say good by craftman sears died and you died the same day just nobody told you. Seeya

  • Dennis Lease

    I have 3 ratchet that needs to be replaced. I went to Lowe's they did not have the tools to replace


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