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Purchased at Sears-How do I submit a Craftsman Limited Lifetime Warranty claim



  • Norman Mcleod

    I took my approx 5 year old jig saw out if the box recently. It was bought at Sears in Canada, and has never been used, but is outside of any warranty. I took this jig saw to Tool Doctor for repair. They told me that they can’t get the necessary parts. My only option is to send the tool by courier to USA($$$), get it repaired(USD), and get it sent back($$$).
    By the time this process is complete, I will have paid more than the cost of a new jigsaw..
    My name is Norman McLeod.

  • Norman Mcleod

    I noticed that the Lowes stores in Canada carry a large section of Craftsman tools. Where, in Canada, can these tools be repaired if needed? How can Craftsman expect to sell tools in Canada, if there is no place to get tools repaired, if needed. I don’t just mean repaired under warranty, but repaired outside of warranty. I can’t seem to get any response of any value from Craftsman.


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